Erin Moran

          Erin Moran created an iconic character portraying Joanie Cunnigham on the television series Happy Days. She then reprised this role in the series Joanie love Chachi. Last month, at 56 years old, Erin Moran lost her life to an undetected squamous cell carcinoma (a common form of skin cancer) in her throat. This demonstrates just how insidious skin cancer can be. When internal it generally does not produce any noticeable side effects until it has advanced into a later stage. Researchers have been working to perfect a simple blood test which would detect these unseen cancers but this may be some time off. While this is being developed we at SolSurvivors Oregon will continue our efforts with what the technology we have allows. We raise awareness and advocate for regular skin exams, prevention, and self checks. We know for now these are still the best practices to increase the survival rates of any who are diagnosed with skin cancer.    

Robin Zimmerman