Summer is ending, protection does not

         Summer is quickly coming to an end. It has been a very trying year with the fires and the heat. I am thnakful of the fire personnel that put their lives on the line daily for us. If you personaly know one please send out a thank you. The reality for them that the idea of applying and reapplying sunscreen under their working conditons is unrealistic. In a perfect world they would have regular breaks and suncreen would be a part of their safety training. Again, if you know one, please help make them aware of this extra risk they have been exposed to.  

         Shifiting to cooler days and a lower sun does not mean we are now safe. Pretection with clothing and sunscreen will need to continue in our daily lives. As winter approaches the outdoor activities will move to the slopes. Skiing, snow boarding, tubing, etc. are popular in the nearby mountains. The thinner air and clear skys are a perfect storm of increased UV exposure. The one thing that is better is the heat will not turn that portable tube of suncreen into a thin liquid (this kept hapening to me). But at least we will have more pockets.

Stay safe, stay aware, keep protected