War on Melanoma


Connected with OHSU and founded by Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D., chair of the OHSU Department of Dermatology WOM is taking an aggressive and decisive stand to enhance awareness of the mortal danger melanoma puts forth. Their goal is to reduce the mortality rate of melanoma. By uniting support research and technological advances we can successfully detect and treat melanoma. They are doing this by establishing a “peace corps-like army of volunteers” to get the word out.

On their website you can register to join the Melanoma Community Registry which contributes to finding the answers. This will also get you on their mailing list to be notified of news, events, and volunteer opportunities connected to the War On Melanoma.

Cureate Your Canvas


The people at CUREate Your Canvas, saw an astonishing need to make people aware of the pressing need to prevent and to detect skin cancer early while treatment is most effective.

It seems the message is still not being received by the young, who are at the prime age for inflicting irreversible skin damage. Young people are still using tanning beds, or simply engaging in activities in the sun while forgetting to take precautions to protect themselves.

Doctors are seeing alarmingly increasing rates of skin cancer among a younger population.

CUREate Your Canvas is here to help educate people that skin cancer is a disease that can touch you regardless of eating clean, exercising, giving up cigarettes, or any other typical form of pursuing a healthy lifestyle – it’s deemed as the “healthy person’s cancer”. We are here to make sure you and your family’s efforts to live a long healthy life are not in vain.

Everyone uses their skin to tell their story, from the way we drape clothes over it, pamper it with creams and makeup, or adorn it with tattoos, piercings, or flair. We invest in our ability to use our skin as a vehicle to express our true selves, yet we don’t do enough to protect it. CUREate Your Canvas is working to reduce the rising death rates by further empowering everyone under the sun with education, technology, and innovative methods. 

Together, we can protect the skin you’re in!


Melanoma Action Coalition


The mission of the Melanoma Action Coalition is to welcome non-profit organizations and individual supporters to work together in a national network to educate, raise awareness, advocate, and provide mutual support.
he Melanoma Action Coalition was established in 2014 by leaders of seven community-based foundations focused on increasing awareness about melanoma, providing education about sun safety, and raising money for melanoma research. Originally based in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, they have since grown to include organizations and individuals from throughout the United States and Canada. They continue to welcome new members.