AIM at Melanoma

Aim is a global melanoma advocacy non-profit. Their website has very helpful information which explains melanoma staging. They also have an on-call oncology nurse available to answer questions, and host community events in cities across the country.

Melanoma Research Alliance

The Melanoma Research Alliance is the largest private funder of melanoma research. They also offer a variety of resources for patients, including videos and a glossary of melanoma terms.

Melanoma Research Foundation
The Melanoma Research Foundation offers a variety of resources for newly diagnosed patients, as well as some fun awareness campaigns like #GetNaked for melanoma.

Melanoma Action Coalition

The Melanoma Action Coalition (MAC) is a group of community-based melanoma foundations and individuals from across the U.S. working together to share information and provide mutual support. Visit their website to learn about a variety of non-profit organizations that are doing amazing things to support melanoma awareness and research. SolSurvivors is a proud member of the Melanoma Action Coalition.

American cancer association

One of the largest and oldes cancer organizations this site contains support for all cancer and support for everyone in the circle of the patient affected by the trials and tribulations from any cancer diagnosis and treatment.